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Founder Lea Elise Swartz

EVERY CLOSING YOU HAVE WITH ME- A SHELTER RESCUE DOG or CAT is sponsored you can save the life of a dog or cat, help with medical bills and support local animal rescue organizations who strive to save as many shelter pets as possible. Please consider helping your local rescue groups and shelters by volunteering to foster, adopt, donate or transport  from kill shelters to rescue. Please see the links below. Another great idea is to contact the shelters, volunteers, look at volunteer groups on FB or rescue online and offer pledges for animals in the shelters so the groups on FB can post your pledge, tag you and if animal is rescued you call your donation or paypal into the rescue, vet, etc. Many times pledges mean the difference between life and death as these truly help the rescues with animals needing expensive vetting. Many times a temporary foster is urgently needed so the animal can be pulled before being euthanized and until a permanent home can be found or placed in a longer term foster. Reach out to the below groups and your own local reputable rescue groups to see how your time, donations and offering a temporary or permanent home can help them save more animals!

Please note MOST of the dogs and cats are NOT posted online due to limited staff so please go directly to the shelters to adopt or rescue an animal so they have a chance.  My rescue group was formed this year 2014 Maxx & Me Pet Rescue we are awaiting 501c3 status. The goal of my rescue is to help save as many rescue dogs/cats as possible.


Hillsborough Animal Services - High Kill Shelter Animals Needing Rescue
440 N. Falkenburg Road
Tampa, Florida 33619

Telephone: (813) 744-5660
Fax: (813) 744-5685

Dogs Needing Rescue Tampa

Cats Needing Rescue Tampa

Hernando County - Hernando County Animal Control's Friends FB page

PETFINDER - Lists Shelter Pets and Rescue Animals Up for Adoption


G.R.I.T.S Crossposting FL and GA Shelter Animals- FB page!/pages/GRITS-Animal-Crossposting-Fl-Ga-Tn/208156519215777

Heidi's Legacy Dog Rescue - Rescue Group

American Bulldog Rescue

Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid-Florida

Golden Retriever Rescue of South Florida

Golden Retriever Rescue of NE Florida


Friends of Lake County Animal Services - Tavares, FL FB page

SEBRING ANIMAL CONTROL- Sebring, FL - Kill Shelter

Sebring Animal Services - Friends of Sebring Urgents FB page


Many NOT POSTED HERE- Go to the shelter directly for most of these shelters as SO MANY ANIMALS ARE NOT POSTED ONLINE

When an animal lands in an animal control facility they have a very limited time to survive typically only a few days until they are euthanized- this applies to dogs/cats/horses, etc. abandoned by their owners or strays (typical hold times before euthanasia is 3-5 days). Perfectly healthy animals that would make great pets are put down due to overcrowding, lack of funds, owner surrender, stray animals, owners failing to neuter and spay their animals, etc. If you can help or adopt an animal please contact the rescue groups listed above or your local animal control or shelter. There are countless animals that are killed every week due to lack of homes. MOST DOGS/CATS ARE NOT POSTED ONLINE on the AC sites- please visit the shelter to see all of the adoptables! Volunteer opportunities exist including donations to sponsor a pet, transport from kill shelters to adopters/fosters, volunteering with rescue organizations and many other options if you want to become involved. Contact your local rescue groups and animal control/shelter facilities to see how you can help!

Every real estate closing I donate to a shelter pet at a kill shelter, helping animal rescue organizations and personally transporting dogs, cats, puppies and kittens out of kill shelters to rescues, fosters and permanent homes.

My Rescue Background: I have transported over 1500 dogs, puppies, cats and kittens out of kill shelters to Tampa Bay area rescue groups and foster homes over the last several years. I have also fostered rescue dogs until permanent homes were found including a disabled bulldog Droopy and a severely abused bulldog Charlotte. My eventual goal is to sponsor and build a local Tampa area Florida rescue facility where with my rescue contacts we can save hundreds of dogs and cats from kill shelters and abuse, provide temporary or permanent homes for them and run an adoption program. My mission is to give these animals a second chance full of warmth, safety and love. Those that have been dumped, neglected and abused must be able to know that there is someone there to love, protect and take care of them- dogs no matter what they have been through are utterly devoted to us and deserve to experience love. 

My start in animal rescue began over 12 years ago with the adoption of my first shelter dog a German Shepherd mix REMY from a Ft. Myers kill shelter. He was the most amazing rescue dog and a wonderful part of my life. Unfortunately I lost him in 2008 at the age of 10 1/2. I am carrying on the work of dog and cat rescue through donations, participating in rescue calendars and personally pulling and transporting dogs and cats out of kill shelters to animal rescue groups.
I am very dedicated to real estate and devote many hours to my business. I feel it is important to also donate the resources I have to give back to my community. A portion of my time is dedicated to helping save animal's lives by donating to help rescue shelter animals, donating and volunteering with local animal rescue groups,  transporting out of Florida kill shelters to rescue groups and fostering.  

Due to overcrowding, more foreclosures, etc. many animals only have about 3 days to be adopted which is highly unlikely when in a kill shelter. Thousands of animals in FL are being put down every month for no reason. Some of these animals may have a foster or home willing to take them but getting them there is an issue so offering transport help has allowed me to save animals who were facing euthanasia.

A few experiences include:

  • Flying on a single engine plane to GA to rescue a German Shepherd Mom and her nine day old puppies out of  kill shelter to safety in Tampa, FL
  • Transporting 52 animals (45 dogs, 7 cats) that pilots flew in to Ocala and two of us transported to the Tampa Humane Society
  • Individually transported in one trip 54 animals from a kill shelter to rescues
  • Commuting from Tampa to Tavares and back several times a month to pull dogs and cats that were set to be euthanized and delivered to Tampa rescue groups
  • Transported over 100 dogs and cats from kill shelters to rescue in one trip

There are many facets of rescue: donations to sponsor an animal or help with vetting, offer to pay an adoption fee for someone who would be a great owner but has limited resources, sponsor a pet in danger of euthanasia which helps get animals rescued, crosspost those on the euthanasia list to your contacts (can't tell you how many times this has saved an animal because I crossposted) and offered transport help. Contact a local vet who may be affiliated with rescue groups and offer your financial support, fostering, etc.

Happy Tails!!!

 Charlotte- My previous foster- severely abused American Bulldog

Previous foster Droopy/Ozzie disabled American Bulldog